School and education in "Artek"

Educational-industrial complex

There are:

  • school of MDTs "Artek";
  • Artek's specialized school (attended by children of employees and residents of Gurzuf);
  • the division of educational and international programmes;
  • psychological service.

Opened on July 30, 2004 (in the framework of the presidential program "Investments in education")

Project author: George Sarkisovich Grigoryants, honored architect of Ukraine.

The project was developed : "Krymnioproekt".



George Sarkisovich
G, Grigoryants (20.01.1933)
honored architect of Ukraine

Graduated from the Architectural faculty of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute (1972). Architect Tash-GIPROGOR (1989). In Sebastopol. chief architect Krymnioproekt, co-author of the General plan of Sevastopol (2005).

Chief project engineer: Alexander Peredery.

General contractor: state enterprise "Ukrzaliznytsya" - ahead of schedule (within 6 months) completed the construction. The cost of construction and installation works and equipment – UAH 65 million.

Designer furniture and interior of the school: Sergey Shevchuk, leading specialist, designer designer.

Manufacturer of furniture: factory WEI (Lviv, Ukraine), Yaroslav V. Guminsky, Deputy Director of the factory.

Construction and equipping of the school personally supervised: Georgy Nikolayevich Kirpa, Minister of transport and communications of Ukraine, General Director of "Ukrzaliznytsia"


The school building combines the traditions of Ukrainian Baroque and modern construction technologies, designed for 1270. Baroque (in Italian – a quaint, strange) is one of the main stylistic trends in the art of Europe and America of the late XVI – mid-XVIII centuries, gravitated to the ceremonial "Grand style", to the greatness and splendor.


In the space of a total area of 10 000 m are 53 classrooms. The classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, each classroom connected to a computer network (a total of 113 computers). Has 2 language laboratories, 4 classrooms functioning multimedia system. In the conference hall for 50 persons attend various meetings, conferences, seminars, etc.

The building has a shared warning system, satellite communication system, through which the school bell is compared with the exact system time, external and internal video surveillance system.

At the opening ceremony of educational complex Georgy Nikolayevich Kirpa, Minister of transport and communications of Ukraine informed the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma on the early completion of the construction of the school and presented the head of state is the symbolic key.

The President handed over the key to the Director General of MDTs "Artek" Viktor Ivanovich Colano.

The ceremony was attended by:

  • Lyudmila Kuchma, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Hope and Good of Ukraine;
  • Mr Marcio Barbosa, Deputy Director-General of UNESCO;
  • members of the government of Ukraine;
  • artekovtsy.

Photo 2004

Kirpa George

General Director of the State administration of railway transport of Ukraine ("Ukrzaliznitsya" ) (since 2001), Minister of transport and communications of Ukraine (since 2002), candidate of technical Sciences (1997). Hero Of Ukraine (2002).

Memorial plaquePhoto 2010

Opened on 7 September 2010. Author: Alexander Momot, head of the Dnieper railroad. Installed on the Central facade of the school.

Lyricist: Alexander Bukreev, dorprofsozha Chairman of the Dnieper railway. Material: gabbro-diorite orange interspersed with black. Dimensions: height 0.70 m, width 0.50 m.

On the blackboard in capital letters is the inscription:

The school was built by the railway workers of Ukraine in 2004 under the leadership of Hero of Ukraine of the Minister of transport and communications of Ukraine – General Director of Ukrzaliznytsya Georgy Kirpa N.

Board strengthened with 4 chrome anchors. At the opening ceremony of a commemorative plaque were:

  • Elena Poddubnaya, General Director of the International centre "Artek" ;
  • Michael p. Jankowski, head of the main Directorate for work with personnel of Ukrzaliznytsia;
  • Alexander Ivanovich Momot, head of Prydniprovska railway;
  • Alexander Bukreyev, dorprofsozha Chairman of the Dnieper railway.

The plaque
Georgy Nikolayevich Kirpa

Set to birthday "Artek" 16 June 2011. Author: Alexander Shabanov, sculptor, lecturer of Dnipropetrovsk University. O. Honchar.

Posted on the Central school building facade above the commemorative plaque on the initiative and with the financial assistance of the Dnieper railroad.

Material: granite slab of dark brown color. Granite mined in the quarry of the village of Mesopotamia (Zhytomyr region).

Dimensions: height 0.70 m, width 0.60 m.

On the granite slab are bronze bas-relief of the Minister and the star of Hero of Ukraine.

Board strengthened with 4 chrome anchors.