Sergey I. Metal'nikov. Estate "Resonant Source"

Sergey Ivanovich
Metal'nikov (1870 – 1946)

A nobleman, a scientist, zoologist, immunologist, evolutionist, Professor of Zoology in the University of St. Petersburg (1907), Director of the Biological laboratory in St. Petersburg (1909), Executive editor of the journal "Nature" (1915); in 1920 he worked at the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Stay in the estate "Lauterbrunnen" ("Silver source") at various times from childhood to 1919.

Stepfather'nikova, General Boris Ivanovich winner, was the founder and owner of powder and dynamite factories in St. Petersburg.

The family had large assets: in the winter lived in a large private house in the capital Petersburg on Panteleymonovskaya street, and in summer lived in the Crimea, in the name Artek at the foot of mount Ayu-Dag.



From the estate of "Clear source" S. I. Metalnikova today in "Artek" is preserved:


Photo 1900

Photo 2011


Estate ", Lauterbrunnen"


Built in the late XIX century. The author of the project is unknown.

Two-storey house built of rubble stone, the length of the facade of 12 meters, width 17.5 meters, height 8 meters.


In this house was:

  • from 1926 to 1932, there were the economic life of Artek;
  • from 1932 to 1941 was a children's technical station;
  • from 1945 to 1975 was located circles of young technicians (syt);
  • in 1961, a children's film Studio "Artekfilm";
  • from 1980 to present is an exhibition of local history Muse and circles of children's creativity center: "Nature and fantasy", "Geological", "Phytodesign".


A stone staircase from the house to the sea


Built at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries.The author of the project is unknown.

A stairway of 40 steps built of hewn limestone with a width of 1.5 meters. The parapet height of 0.9 m and a width of 0.7 meters.

Photo 2011


Photo 1900

Photo 2011


The site of the "Seven sages"


Created at the turn of XIX and XX centuries.In student's years was fond of hospitality, love the philosophy. Together with his friend N. Lossky was organized by the philosophy group, which met in the house Metalnikova on Panteleymonovskaya street in St. Petersburg. Summer friends-philosophers came to Sergei Ivanovich to the estate "Silver spring". "In memory of their visits to Artek wife'nikova Olga Vladimirovna wrote to oil paint their names on seven large stones," from the memoirs of N. Lossky.

On the platform was a bench. Here Pets and guests spent the evening in talking, admiring the sea and sky.