The family vault of Dmitriev - Metalnikova

Vladimir Nikolaevich
Dmitriev (1839 – 1904)

Outstanding Russian doctor-climatologist. Stay in the estate "Resonant source" from 1896 to 1904. Daughter Dmitrieva Olga was the wife of S. I. Metalnikova. In Yalta Dmitriev created the first weather station, on his initiative, was Hiking on Chetyr-Dag, organized excursions around the Crimea.

In the 80-ies of the XIX century, scientists have developed the basis of treatment of various diseases of the South coastal climate, sea bathing, yogurt, milk. He is the author of the first Russian monograph on botryotherapy (1886), the founder and eternal President of the Yalta branch of the Crimean mountain club (1891). His collections of natural history formed the basis for the creation in 1892 of the Museum (now the Yalta historical-literary Museum).

A lot of effort and energy given by V. N. Dmitriev landscaping of the resort. Six years (from 1873года) he was elected an honorary magistrate of the Yalta world County.

In the 80-ies of the XIX century Yalta, on his initiative, a charitable society was established and opened rooming house, a maternity shelter, a shelter for chronically ill. Vladimir Nikolaevich participated in the creation of the sanatorium "Auslan", the building of the gymnasium, the theatre, the opening of the national library.


The family vault of Dmitriev - Metalnikova

Built in February 1904. The author of the project is unknown.

Vladimir Dmitriev died February 22, 1904 from heart failure on one of the streets of the city.

It was buried whole Yalta. OUTSTA street (now Kirov street), which was the funeral procession to the old Outcome the cemetery, buried in greenery and flowers.

The Remains Of V. N. Dmitrieva was soon reburied in the tract Artek in the estate of S. I. Metalnikova "Ring source" in the family vault. Later there were buried the wife of V. N. Dmitrieva and her sisters. During the civil war, the crypt was destroyed. The remains of the deceased buried above the tomb.

Photo 1904

Photo 2011


The reburial of V. N. Dmitrieva.

The decision of the Yalta gorispolkoma No. 293, dated April 29, 1970. Yalta city organization of societies for the protection of monuments in conjunction with the office of the funeral service April 14, 1973 held the reburial of the remains of the doctor-climatologist V. N. Dmitrieva from the crypt in the territory of the pioneer camp "Artek" at the memorial cemetery Polikurovsky hill in Yalta".

The author of the tombstones of burial Polikurovsky memorial: Nikolay Lukyanovich Sawicki, Yalta sculptor. On the tomb is bunk pedestal of gray stone blocks.

  • 1st tier: length of 1.93 m, width 0.90 m, height is 0.17 m.
  • 2nd tier:: length - 1.73 m, width - 0.76 m, height 0.3 m.

On the pedestal is the tombstone of diorite grey: : length – 1.39 m, width 0.58 m, height 0.13 m, which is false bronze image – bas-relief of V. N. Dmitriev and medical symbols.

Currently a bronze bas-relief of V. N. Dmitriev and medical symbols from gravestones removed, the text is hard to read due to the lack of gilding on the letters.


Dmitriev Vladimir Nikolaevich 1838 – 1904

The doctor, climate scientist, played a major role in the development of domestic medical science and the southern coast of the Crimea as a resort.