Nicholas Ernst Bartholomew Anhorn background Gartis

Fedor (Friedrich) Ioganovicha
Gross (1822-1897)

Painter and lithographer. Album "views of Crimea" gross included 54 of the sheet is the volume lithographed edition. first half of the nineteenth century. All parts of the Peninsula are presented with photographic accuracy. And this is their value today, because we can see what were the different corners of the Crimea with those parts that are altered, or not preserved over the years.

Crimean lithographs Theodore gross was reprinted in the "Russian art sheet V. Tim" in 1854-1856, and in Odessa until 1857.



Chernetsov Nicanor
G. (1805 – 1879)

Painter and lithographer, academician of landscape painting (1832), painter of His Majesty (1844).

In the works Chernetsov – drawings, watercolors and sketches, executed from life, classic panoramic building combined with documentary precision the details and veracity of the observations.

March 29, 1872, A. M. Potemkin made last will and Testament.

The turnover sheet 41 part II–"....acquired the estate of Taurian province Simferopol district on the South Bank of the country in Kardation – Artek – the identity he inherited from count Gustav Filippovich Olisar in the deed of purchase made in the Simferopol district court on 9 March 1832...."

Sheet 42 – bequeaths to her grandson for his pupil in His Majesty's corps of Prince Alexander Borisovich Golitsyn..."

July 19 (31 N. S.), 1872 A. M. Potemkin died.



Ivan Andreevich
Pervushin ( – 1878)

Stay in the estate of Artek at various times from 1875 to 1878 (at home at the terminal stop of bus route № 2, children's camp "Diamond", the Park of the complex of children's camps "Mountain" and the camp "Marine") .

In his estate Pervushin was engaged in the cultivation of vineyards for the manufacture of Crimean wines, which were stored in warehouses in Moscow and vinpodvaly in Artek (final stop of bus route No. 2 – built by A. M. Potemkin. Currently, the basement is destroyed).

After his death in 1878 the estate Artek passed to his sons.

In 1921-1922 estate Artek was nationalized.



Nicholas Ernst Bartholomew Anhorn background Gartvis (1793 – 1860)

Russian scientist in the field of horticulture and acclimatization of plants, the second Director of the Imperial Nikitsky Botanical garden (1827-1860), honorary corresponding member of the Russian society of horticulture (1835-1860).

Stay in the estate of Artek from 1825 to 1860 (on the estate are now in school, it Park, children's camp "Crystal" and "Amber", the Palace of sports, canteen and reception building of the complex of children's camps "Mountain", the Museum of local history).

In 1832 gartvis has bought part of the estate (61 tithing) the count Olizar. Nicholas has Gartvis laid in his estate, the Park in which floristic richness was not inferior to the Nikitsky Botanical garden (planted over 100 species of trees and shrubs from different countries of the world).