How to become an Artek theme partner


Step 1. Think carefully about how this partnership would be beneficial and interesting to children and outline your ideas in an official letter to Artek Director.

Step 2. Review the cooperation rules on the Artek website in the Theme Partners section.

Step 3.  Download two applications, the requirements for educational programs and the contest rules. Submit these four documents to Artek at

Step 4. Attend the National Forum of Children’s Recreational Programs to present your project.

Step 5. Sign a cooperation agreement. Now you can start “packing,” or building up resources for joint implementation of the project.


  1. This is a joint project that excludes the possibility of using Artek solely as a venue, without integrating the program into the center’s educational system.

  2. Artek provides resources for the project, including facilities and workforce to support the program.

  3. Artek creates comfortable conditions and learning support for children, and ensures their safety and security.

  4. The partner is in charge of its area of activity during a session or throughout the year.

  5. The partner arranges a thematic event, preferably with prizes and gifts, for all children at the camp.

  6. The partner designates one of its employees as a part-time worker with a part-time salary at Artek to supervise the thematic program during a session or throughout the year.

  7. The partner proposes a transparent and competitive enrollment procedure for participants in the program.

  8. Artek and the partner publicize their partnership in the media.

  9. Partnership entails contributing to the infrastructure/facilities development at Artek with respect to the area of cooperation.




Above all, the partnership will benefit children. Their time at Artek will become more exciting, worthwhile and will help stimulate learning and acquire knowledge and skills in the respective area.

The partner

  • Theme partners receive an allotment of free vouchers to be distributed among the children selected through a transparent and open enrollment procedure.
  • Cooperation for the benefit of children is a good example of corporate social responsibility.
  • Information support of the joint program across online and print media.
  • Partners gain a higher status.


The partnership program will contribute to the development of the International Child Centre "Artek" as the best international platform for creating and testing innovation in improving children’s general and extra-curricular education, recreation and healthcare. 

Registry of thematic partners

Vouchers for the International Child Centre "Artek" can be obtained by winning contests. Here is a list of our thematic partners offering such a possibility.

Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC UAC)
Baumen Moscow State Technical University
Korolyov Samara National Research University
United Rocket and Space Corporation Open Joint Stock Company
Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Education
Association for Implementing Innovations in 3d Education
Intellectual Technology Laboratory LLC
Autonomous Non-Profit Educational Organization for Science and High Technology
Autonomous Non-Profit Organization
International Non-Profit Foundation for the Development of Child and Youth Vacations, Health and Recreation
National Public Movement of Creative Teachers
Lomonosov Moscow State University
National Sports and Physical Education Public Association
National Pubic Organization
Federal Autonomous Institution of the Russian Defense Ministry
National and Non-Olympic Sports Union of Russia
Inter-Regional Public Sports Organization
Inter-Regional Organization
National Public Organization
Autonomous Non-Profit Organization
International Camping Fellowship and Foundation for the Support of Artek International Children’s Center
State Autonomous Extra-Curricular Educational Institution, Moscow
Non-Profit Partnership
Federal State-Funded Cultural Institution
Artworkers’ Association to Develop and Promote Children’s Cinema
Contest of Young Reciters Foundation
Federal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Education
Federal State Budgetary Cultural Institution
Charity Foundation for Choreography and Fine Arts Development
Limited Liability Company
All-Russian Public Organization
Federal state unitary enterprise
Federal State Budgetary Educational Extra-Curricular Institution
International Information Agency
International Information Agency
Federal State Unitary Enterprise
National Public Children’s Organization
National State and Public Organization
Regional Public Organization for Assisting the Development of Younger Generation
Autonomous Non-Profit Organization
Federal State Institution of Higher Education
Federal State Autonomous Research Institution of the Russian Healthcare Ministry
Joint Stock Company
Autonomous Non-Profit Organization
Limited Liability Company
International Union of Children’s Public Organizations
Joint Stock Company
Chief Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry for the Republic of Crimea
State Budgetary Cultural Institution of the City of Moscow