"Artek" during world war II

20 Jun 1941 in "Artek" took place in the camp session.

June 22, Sunday, waiting for the guests of Gurzuf military sanatorium, but the guests – the commanders of the red Army - for some reason did not come. During the second Breakfast, the boys heard the call sign of radio Moscow and the government message on the treacherous attack of Hitlerite Germany on our country.

Already in the first day of the war "Artek" had stopped telegrams. Across the country, worried parents: what will happen to the children? And from the very first days, in small groups, the children, accompanied by counselors and staff began to disperse to their regions. The longest lived of the sea pioneers from the Baltic States, Belarus, Western Ukraine, Moldova. They had nowhere to go, and no one came for them: on their own land already rattled fights.

Komsomol Central Committee and the people's Commissariat of the USSR adopted a decision to form of these guys are a special group and evacuated from Artek. They left the last one – about 200 people. And almost every one carried with them some Souvenirs: who smooth the beautiful stone, who pine or cypress cone, who invested between the sheets of the Notepad Crimean flower...

200 of the Artek campers began the journey roads of the great war on the route: Artek – Simferopol – Moscow – Gorky – Kazan – Stalingrad – St. of Nizhne-Chirskaya – Stalingrad, Frolovo (Serebryanye Prudy) is Kamyshin – Kazan – Ufa – Omsk – Novosibirsk – Barnaul – Biysk – Belokurikha – Novosibirsk! From Belokurikha to Artek – 7750 km.

A long 16 months, travelled from the Crimea to the Altai, where since September 11, 1942 January 12, 1945 was the all-Union pioneer camp "Artek", which became known as the Altai "Artek". During the period of Altai "Artek" in it rested about five hundred children from the cities of Siberia. And for those who came back from Gurzuf, the change turned out to be the longest in the entire history of "Artek" - four years. Artekovtsy earned money (116 000), bought and gave the tank a T-34 tank, as was reported to the Supreme commander. Soon came a telegram with gratitude to the pioneers in "Artek".

Of course, during this time, children and counselors are very good friends, and a strong friendship that survived for a lifetime. Artekovtsy of the war years, despite the fact that they live in different parts of the former Soviet Union – from the Baltic to the coast of the Kuril Islands, do not lose connection either with each other or with the beloved "Artek". Meetings were regularly organized, which former pioneers often come with their children and grandchildren.

The motto of the consolidated group of pioneers-the Artek campers of the war years:


"Artek" – our childhood,
Artek" – our youth,
Artek" is our maturity,
Artek" – in our hearts forever!"


6 November 1941 German-Romanian invaders occupied "Artek". Fashisty burned Palace "Suuk-su" ruined pier "Bottom" camps "Suuk-su". The luxurious parks of "Artek" they built their fortifications, trenches. Enclosed private areas with barbed wire. Material damage "Artek" was estimated in 11,5 million roubles.

Many staff of "Artek" were killed during the Nazi occupation.

  • The staff of "Artek", who died in the Great Patriotic war:
  • Barinov caretaker, the "Upper" of the camp,
  • Broslavsky Nahum - a pioneer leader of the camp, "Suuk-su",
  • Gnedenko, Nikolay Fedorovich - senior doctor
  • Dorokhin Vladimir - leader of the camp, "Suuk-su", a senior leader of Altai "Artek,
  • Olga Kornienko - pioneer camp counselor "Suuk-su",
  • Malenkov Alexander A. - senior leader, Deputy Director of "Artek",
  • Mangos Anatoly Petrovich - the driver
  • Konstantin Mironov - the pioneer leader of the camp, "Lower" and "Suuk - su",
  • FSP Faina - pioneer camp counselor "Suuk-su",
  • Parfenov I. A. - superintendent of remstroyuchastok,
  • Raabe, Adolf A. - the projectionist,
  • Raabe Oscar A. - driver,
  • Carpenter Love - the pioneer counselors "Upper" camp
  • Tabachkov Mikhail - the pioneer leader of the camp, "Suuk-su",
  • Fil Vladimir - driver,
  • Tsigelman generally Anatoly Markovich - Director of "Artek",
  • Chernov Boris - the pioneer leader of the "Upper" camp.