2004 B.D
Donetsk region, Zhdanovka

The family of Alexandra suffered from artillery fire, the girl was injured, her father and younger brother died, mum was left disabled as a result of military action. The administration of Donetsk appealed to "Artek" with the assistance of Alexander, and find opportunities to take the girl in "Artek" for recovery and rehabilitation. Little Sasha needs Artek sun and human warmth.

Voronenko Oleg - sponsor from Germany

Oleg Voronenko: "I was in "Artek" in 1978. Lake camp, building "Baikal" , the change from may to June. What was it like? "Raise your hands and clap, let you see everything, because you should be proud - you Artek resident!", that's my motto for life. I would like to "Artek" has regained its glory of the main rewards for successful guys and where instill ideals without politics and business. I'm going to continue to participate in the program of mercy".

Artek resident 1978. gave Alexander Piven a place in our camp.
Sasha arrived in "Artek" on the 9-th shift 09.08.2015
The price of 65,000 rubles

Piven Sasha: "In "Artek" I really liked that I met new friends. I have a friend Oksana, who I can already call her my sister. When I was hard, she supported me. I wish her success, happiness and health. Hopefully we will be in touch with her. Most of all I remember the trip to the Museum "Suuk-su" - there is simply wonderful. I love your squad, he is very friendly and cheerful. I would like to meet again with these guys and once again go to "Artek".



The permit for Zlatoslavy Charitable Foundation provided support for social projects “Korsun”
Lucky find his benefactor, but there are other children who are looking forward to your help and hope to get a start in the nursery to “Artek”
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