2004 B.D
Donetsk oblast, Debaltseve

As a result of shelling Debaltsevo Mary lost her parents and was left an orphan. The urban school in which she studied the girl, was destroyed. Now Masha lives in the family of guardians. A trip to "Artek" was the first joyful event in a child's life over the last year.

Fisenko Masha: "In "Artek" it was awesome. Shooting in cinetrade, the beautiful sea, Hiking the Ayu-Dag and the boat ride, a trip to the legendary Sevastopol, the evening crowd... I Have so many impressions and feelings during this 21 days I think I've lived here not one, but two or three lives. This is the brightest period of it. I really liked our counselors. They are very attentive, kind and funny and I wish I had such big sisters as they are."

A ticket for Masha provided the Charity Fund of social projects support "Korsun"

The permit for Zlatoslavy Charitable Foundation provided support for social projects “Korsun”
Lucky find his benefactor, but there are other children who are looking forward to your help and hope to get a start in the nursery to “Artek”
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