2004 B.D
Donetsk region, Kirovskoe

Zlata lived in the area, which were fired all day during the fighting in Debaltsevo the pot. Her house was completely destroyed. A girl from a large family. Despite all the experiences of Zlata tries to maintain his optimism, it is sociable. Hopes that "Artek" will become the place that will help her keep the faith.

Chernetskaya Zlata: "When children fall asleep, they find themselves in "Artek". In the world of dreams, in a Dreamland of childhood. There's no pain, resentment, fear and injustice. There is always a summer holiday, here all smile at each other and give only friendship and love. I want to stay here forever. I made friends in "Artek" with all his men and we will keep this friendship forever Artek".

The permit for Zlatoslava provided the Charity Fund of social projects support "Korsun"

The permit for Zlatoslavy Charitable Foundation provided support for social projects “Korsun”
Lucky find his benefactor, but there are other children who are looking forward to your help and hope to get a start in the nursery to “Artek”
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